A Chat with our
Award-Winning Designer

Selected by a panel of 212 international design judges from over 35,237 design submissions, the DA17 ConductorDA18 Sling bag recently won Silver Awards at the prestigious A’Design Competition in Italy.

We sat down with dash. resident designer, Nuttida Kedjarun, to discuss her view on design and find out the secret behind recent success of her work.

Nuttida Kedjarun

Beyond Looks

The first thing that strikes you when looking at DA17 Conductor and DA18 Sling are their clean, crisp appearance. Beneath this minimal aesthetics, however, lies a series of thoughtful design decisions that are anything but simple.

“Design is a delicate balancing act between function and aesthetics.” says Nuttida.

“To stay true to our brand’s mission, we want to create a simple, beautiful design that works well. So everything that goes into the product should have reason to exist, to be useful to the user.”

It is this belief which informs Nuttida’s approach to design; stripping out unnecessary elements and simplifying complex shape to arrive at the purest form possible.

“Every aspects of the product is questioned. We try to strip out anything that isn’t essential from the design; to make sure that it is as efficient and easy to use as possible” Nuttida explains.

A prime example of this design philosophy at work is the iconic curve flap that features on both bags.

“From the start, we want to create a slim bag that still offers plenty of space on the inside.” Nuttida explains.

“We experimented with many different lid shapes. The curve not only met our requirement, but had the added benefit of being able to open much wider as well. This makes it easy to open up and find things inside.”

Along with forms & shapes, Nuttida also place a lot of emphasis on usability.

“People are busy. Having to close the bag after use is an extra-step that adds extra heaviness to our routine. We put up with it out of necessity, but many of us often forget, or don’t even bother with it at all. And we end up losing things. So we decided to add a series of powerful magnets inside the lid to make the bag always self-close automatically. Its a minor thing, but it one less thing to contend with. And that’s what makes a bag more convenient to use on a daily-basis.”

There are lots of small, thoughtful design decisions that are sprinkled throughout, but not all are visible or immediately obvious. Some, like the bag’s bottom, are so subtle that it is easy to overlook:

“For the bag’s bottom, we designed ridges to raise the whole bag off the ground. With very small contact area to the floor, it keeps the bottom clean & hygienic. You don’t’ have to worry about getting the bag dirty whenever you put it down.” Nuttida went onto explain. “Its a feature you don’t really think about much, but one that you will appreciate in day-to-day use.”

"Design is a delicate balancing act,
between function & aesthetics."

"Design is a delicate balancing act,
between function & aesthetics."

Minimalism With Distinction

“Minimal” is the style often used to described DA17 Conductor & DA18 Sling. But for Nuttida, the aesthetic of both bags are much more nuance:

“One of the toughest challenge is the look and feel of the bag. When you strip the design down to its very essence, the challenge is to make the simple form interesting, without adding complexity to them.”

With DA17 Conductor & DA18 Sling, Nuttida achieve this design tight rope through distinct silhouette of the bag.

“This is a case where function compliments form. Practical needs give rise to the curve shape. And the curve in turn help create unique silhouette that becomes the signature of the design.”

For Nuttida, this is the most fulfilling aspect of her work.

“Its always challenging to create a harmonious design that feels organic and natural. So it is very satisfying when your design blurs the line between form and function. When every element feels like they belong and are there for a reason, that’s when a product is no longer a collection of elements, but a single, unified entity.”

"The Challenge is to Make Simple Form Interesting, without adding Complexities."

Looking Ahead

With a pair of international design awards under her belt, Nuttida has her sight set firmly on the future.

“Design is a constant change; you need to keep evolving to stay relevant and interesting to the society at large.”

For her, the recognition serves as a catalyst for future projects.

“It gives us the artistic license to push our design further – allow us to be bolder; experimenting with new forms, techniques & materials.”

Its clear that this talented designer is only just getting started, and we can expect more exciting projects to come. And while she is pleased with the recent recognition of her work, Nuttida is keen to stress that they were never her main motivation:

"For me, as a designer, there is no greater pleasure than seeing your design out in the real-world, making positive impact in people's lives."

Nuttida’s award-wining designs: the DA17 Conductor & DA18 Sling are available for online purchase directly from dash.