"What Colour To Wear?"

Each day we are bombarded with choices and decisions as soon as we step out of bed. What should I wear? Which colour matches well with each other? 

“Colour” is part of these “little choices” that we make each day. 

Seemingly small, these decisions forms invisible friction that gradually build up over time, burdening and draining us without realising. Instead of focusing your energy over every tiny colour decision, dash. have carefully designed products to be easily used, allowing you to direct your focus on more important things in life.

Fewer Choices, Limitless Possibilities.

We express our style and identity through colours, but assembling a coherent shade and tone for our ensemble can be needlessly complicate. 

To make colour co-ordinating simpler, dash. offer timeless, monochrome shades of black, white and grey that makes it easy to mix and match with other items. A modern shade of Tan provide the option for adding subtle warmth to the ensemble.

 So whether your wardrobe contains an array of colours or a just a staple of crisp, black & white, dash. leather handbags will help co-ordinating outfit for any occasions straightforward. 

Instead of limiting choice, a small, considerate colour palettes will help liberate you from daily dilemmas, allowing you to effortlessly create a put-together look with almost limitless possibilities. That is why dash. deliberately limits our colour offering, from small leather wallets and office stationery, carefully curating only shades that can be easily paired and use with any outfit – for every occasion – for a simpler life.

card wallet black leather

Minimal Leather Bags & Wallets

A bag is an accessory that accompanies its user wherever they go. Whether casually relaxing on a the weekend or being looking professional at work, a bag should reflect your style and be appropriate for every occasions. That is why our leather bags are available in three simple and easy to use colours: Black crossbody leather bag, Brown leather tote bag and Grey leather crossbody bag. By keeping options small, these curated colours offer clear choices between the dark, neutral and light tones to cater for each individual’s preferences and needs.

Sophisticated Colours

dash. specially developed our leather with vibrant, saturated colours to showcase their buttery texture and natural allure, ensuring that they look attractive under any lighting situations.


A timeless classic colour that complement any shades and tones. Black exudes confidence which will take you from a professional workplace to a chic night out or a perfect dinner date.

Check OutBlack Leather Minimal Tote Bag  &  Minimal Black Leather Wallet


A To overcome the mature image associated with brown leather, our designers experimented with over 200 shades of brown, meticulously balancing tint & saturation to create a uniquely vibrant and contemporary tone; a modern tan shade that will compliment any outfit and style.

Check OutBrown Leather Bifold Wallet    &   Brown Leather Messenger Bag


Clean and calming — the colour of stone gardens — our designers worked on over 100 shades, perfecting temperature and tone balance to achieve a light and neutral grey that is both pleasing and easy to maintain.

Check OutLeather grey multi purpose zipper pouch  & Grey Leather  Pencil Case

black pencil minimal


While functionality is of utmost importance in stationery, its aesthetics, which contributes to our experience using them is equally important. 

Whether at work or in your own creative space, a well-designed stationery can help smooth workflow and bring pleasure to the creative process.

Available in Black, Grey, White & Clear, dash. corporate stationery colours are carefully selected to let you focus on your work, and keeping visual distractions to the minimum. From leather mouse pads that subtly compliment the colour and shapes of any object placed upon it, to clean-cut leather pencil cases that are easy to clean- our stationery is there to support your thinking process. These colours will help your content stand out, without actually distracting from its essence – the content itself.

Practical Palettes In Dash Stationary

Every colours in our stationery have been carefully selected to be distinct yet non-distracting, so not to detract the focus from your content.


Our “off-white” paper hue has been specifically chosen to make long reading comfortable without straining the eyes.


dash.’s soothing, grey-tone sticky notes help you focus on ideas and information. Its light shade contrast with writings, making them distinct and legible


Absent of tints and shades, transparency let you see information through all the data, without the distraction and intrusion from the writing medium.


A pure black contrast against paper’s whites makes the pencil stand out and easy to find amongst the mountain of documents.

Check Out:

In the end, life is about the tiny, invisible details we encounter on a daily basis. From leather bags to stationery, a carefully crafted palette can help eliminate trivial decisions, creating a more seamless experience where distractions are eliminated and everything can be done in a dash.

Because “more” options doesn’t mean “better” choice.

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